We’ll Buy Your Web Hosting Company!


Nuel Cloud Computing is the authority on harnessing the power of cloud computing for WordPress, cPanel, and complete cloud-based applications. Let’s get your business in the cloud today!

What we offer:

  • We take over your clients, and convert them to our infrastructure. Our Cloud Computing division is Nuel Cloud Computing.
  • You earn 20% LIFETIME SALES on all accounts you give us.
  • Your hosting company becomes Nuel Cloud Computing, and all accounts are owned by us. You keep 20% of LIFETIME SALES for ALL accounts you’ve given us.
  • We do ALL conversions, including database migration, cPanel migration, WordPress migration, etc. You do nothing but collect 20% FOR LIFE!
  • Currently, we offer two main price points to customers. Again, you get 20% of:
    • $10/month for 1GB cPanel storage
    • $40/mo for UNLIMITED WordPress media storage, up to 10 sites.
  • Of course, we flex our price points for customers with specific needs. No matter what, you ALWAYS earn 20% of ALL SALES, including labor, for ALL customers you hand over to Nuel.

Contact us today! Let’s get this off your plate. Call 1-800-498-1770 or click here to send us an e-mail.